HarperCollins Is Now Using Digital Watermarks To Stop Ebook Piracy

Pirating ebooks is a breeze. Their file sizes are so small that it usually takes all of 60 seconds between a Google search and having the book on your Kindle. Now, publishers have hit upon a solution that they hope will trip up pirates: an invisible, traceable watermark on every ebook sold. » 9/16/14 4:27am 9/16/14 4:27am

Google Is Testing Drones That Could Bring the Internet to Remote Lands

Man, Google really is all in on drones. After testing delivery drones as a part of its Project Wing program, the company has now asked the FCC for permission to test drones that could eventually be used to deliver internet access to remote areas of the planet. » 9/16/14 2:41am 9/16/14 2:41am

Facebook's Revamped App Settings Page Makes It Easy To Unhook Apps

If you head over to your Facebook Apps Settings page, you'll be shocked to know how many useless apps you've got attached to your account. My account, for instance, is hooked up to 448 apps (there's something called "are u in love?!?!? <3" in there). Luckily, Facebook just revamped this page to help you easily banish… » 9/16/14 1:12am 9/16/14 1:12am

This Portable XBOX One Gaming "Laptop" Can Be Yours For Just $1,500

There are plenty of great things about the XBOX One, but not being able to stuff it into a backpack and take it with you on a road trip is definitely a downer. If you've got $1,500 to spare, however, you might just be able to snag an Xbook One: a portable chassis with the guts of the XBOX one and a 22-inch screen. » 9/15/14 2:31am 9/15/14 2:31am

iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus Are Now Available For Pre-Order

Get those credit cards ready. Pre-orders for the iPhone 6 an the iPhone 6 Plus are now live, so you can snag the phone of your choice. Update: The store on Apple's website is still down but we just confirmed that you can, indeed, place your orders through the iOS app. The online Apple Store is now back up! » 9/12/14 3:03am 9/12/14 3:03am