Facebook Doesn't Think Manipulating Users' Emotions Is A Big Deal

If you missed this outrageous study published earlier this month in an academic journal, here's the nutshell version: In January 2012, a Facebook data scientist, along with two university researchers, tweaked the News Feed of almost 690,000 users to display more "positive" or "negative" stories to figure out if… » 6/29/14 1:23pm 6/29/14 1:23pm

Google, Not Device Makers, Will Control Android Wear, Auto and TV UI

When Android Wear, Android Auto and Android TV launch this fall, they'll solve a problem that has plagued Android since day one: an inconsistent user experience across devices. Ars Technica's Andrew Cunningham points out that unlike Android phones from different manufacturers that sport ugly custom UIs, launchers and… » 6/29/14 12:17pm 6/29/14 12:17pm

Watching Gordon Ramsay Be an Arrogant Prick Is Delightful

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares would easily beat The Wolf Of Wall Street in a number-of-cusses-every-60-seconds contest. You get a generous serving of "bollocks", a side of "arse", and a dash of genitalia-related terms through the course of the show. This is an old gem that I discovered on Netflix last week and I've been… » 6/22/14 9:00pm 6/22/14 9:00pm

What it's like to ride a motorcycle in a world of cars...

So as summer is upon us, I've been taking the opportunity to get out on my bike as often as possible. I've ridden to and from work on any days the weather was anything other than rainy as hell, I've ridden down the shore, I've found new raw bars to visit and ridden to them...in short, I've already put in several… » 6/22/14 6:07pm 6/22/14 6:07pm